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How It Works

Our recycling partners such as chambers of commerce, schools, businesses and non-profits collect used inkjet/toner cartridges and cell phones from their offices and homes in the prepaid recycling boxes we send. 

Cartridges and cell phones are processed within a week of receipt at our recycling plant in Chatsworth, California. ASP has partnered with the 5th largest remanufacturer of inkjet/toner cartridges to process the products. 

Inkjet cartridges with print-heads (typically HP or Lexmark cartridges) are tested and remanufactured. Cartridges that cannot be remanufactured (such as remanufactured cartridges or those that don't have print heads) are ground down and processed for raw materials.

Cell phones are similarly tested. Those that can be refurbished are repurposed and resold. Non-working phones or those that have no retail value are ground down for raw materials.

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