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Lawrence Anthony and the Thula Thula Game Reserve
The Earth Organization's environmental educational tour includes several days at the Thula Thula Game Reserve
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ASP Partners
Thula Thula

Thula Thula (the Zulu word for "peace and tranquility") is an exclusive private game reserve in South Africa, owned and operated by Lawrence and Francoise Anthony. Thula Thula is a proud co-venture partner with America’s Schools Program, providing unique eco-tourism opportunities with educational, environmental conferences and workshops in its state-of-the-art conference center.

Family-owned and operated, Thula Thula is administered to the highest ethical standards, in keeping with modern conservation methods for the protection and enhancement of its indigenous and endangered species...

Thula Thula, with its centuries of cultural and wildlife heritage, takes pride in tracing back it's origin to the private hunting grounds of King Shaka, founder of the Zulu Empire. This magnificent out-of-the-way location, and beautifully appointed lodge and guest cottages, (nominated for the World Luxury Hotel Award) make it possible to enjoy the spectacular South African bush environment and wildlife in sumptuous surroundings, while participating in entertaining and highly educational environmental seminars, workshops, and conferences.

Lawrence has such an extraordinary relationship with a herd of completely wild African elephants on his reserve that they come to him when he calls and eat from his hands. He received the prestigious Earth Day Award at the United Nations in March 2004 for his rescue of the animals at the Baghdad zoo. In September 2004, he was invited to become the first South African member of the esteemed "Explorers Club" of New York.

Lawrence Anthony, an internationally known and respected conservationist, whose primary focus has been the rehabilitation of traumatized wild elephant, is best known for rescuing and protecting the animals in the Baghdad Zoo at the beginning of the Iraqi war. For his amazing act of courage he was awarded the prestigious United Nations Earth Day Medal, and he has been featured on numerous TV programs such as CBS Sunday Morning, CNN, and Carte Blanche for his extraordinary work.

Thula Thula is situated only 45 minutes drive from Richards Bay harbor and airport, and less than 2 hours drive from Durban. There is a 700m airstrip on the property.
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