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The Earth Organization

The Earth Organization (TEO) is proud to be a co-venture partner with the America's Schools Program (ASP). TEO is working with ASP to bring educational programs about the environment and conservation to America's school children.

TEO is also forwarding the America's Schools Recycling Program through their membership base.

For more information, go to

Or contact us at:

(818) 769-3410.
4312 Talofa Ave.,
Toluca Lake, CA 91602

The Earth Organization (TEO) is dedicated to bringing effective solutions to the global environmental problems that face us today. We are very aware that any solution must benefit all concerned, including commerce, industry, and mankind's global expansion, not just one particular animal species or interest group.

Our Founder, Lawrence Anthony, owns and lives on an exclusive private game reserve in South Africa. He has such an extraordinary relationship with a herd of wild African elephants that, although they would kill any other human who gets too close to them, they run to Lawrence when he calls them and eats from his hands. Lawrence is best known for his amazing act of courage in rescuing and protecting the animals in the Baghdad Zoo at the beginning of the Iraqi war. Babylon's Ark: The Incredible Wartime Rescue of the Baghdad Zoo, published by St. Martin's Press, details this remarkable rescue initiative.

Underlying all of TEO's activities and woven into the fabric of its long-term goals is the purpose to raise each person's awareness of the essential and fundamental inter-relationship between oneself and the Animal and Plant Kingdoms.

Some of the most important statistics on the planet environmentally are trending downwards at an alarming rate. For example:

There are now 49 massive "dead zones" around the world (huge areas of the ocean so polluted that no life exists there) and they are expanding;

It is predicted that the most common fish that we eat have been fished out and depleted by as much as 80%. This includes marlin, tuna, cod and swordfish.

The massive amount of chemical and radioactive pollutants that we release into our land, our oceans, and our atmosphere are having disastrous consequences on the entire food chain.

Our soils are seriously depleted of minerals and beneficial microorganisms from the overuse of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers, to the point where the quality of the food we eat is drastically depleted of nutrition.

It is vital that these problems are fully confronted and effectively resolved to leave before they are irreparable.

TEO has a number of environmental and conservation projects. Among them are:

  1. The prevention of as many as 7,000 elephants from being slaughtered in the world famous Kruger National Park in South Africa.

  2. A rescue from the brink of extinction of the Northern White Rhino in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

  3. After hurricanes Katrina and Rita, we researched and brought in the only real solution to the clean-up of the highly toxic environment in the Gulf area.

  4. The creation of one of the largest game reserves for ecotourism in the world, based in South Africa.

  5. A national, environmentally focused, educational campaign for school children in the United States.

  6. Educational, entertaining and down-to-earth environmental conferences for business and civic leaders.

Become a member today and help us make a healthy, aesthetic, sustainable planet earth:

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