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Newspapers & Media Companies
Reno Gazette Journal runs a quarter/half page ad twice weekly supported by radio and TV PSA's.
Funding made easy for your "Newspaper in Education" (NIE) Program through retail partnerships orchestrated by the America's Schools Program team in cooperation with local PTA and State School Boards at zero cost to your newspaper by America's Schools Program!

ASP has designed an easy consumer product and service program that enables your newspaper to create a totally new and effective way of raising funds for your NIE program and your local school needs.

For Example:

Your zero-cost newspaper Recycling Inkjet/Toner Cartridge and Cell Phone Program generates 50% of all dollars raised through local/participating retail partner locations, while helping to protect the environment and fund local K-12 school extracurricular programs.

Additional NIE funds are generated from the purchase of factory-direct ASP Inkjet/Toner Printer Cartridges. Consumers and businesses alike will save an average 40-60% off retail prices they are currently paying. In return, your newspaper and local school can earn $2-$9 or higher, on every factory-direct printer/inkjet cartridges sold and never see or touch a product.


Both your recycling and resale programs are totally free and totally turnkey with no manpower required to run and administrate in your city. The America's Schools Program manages the entire program from start to finish.

Cost-Free Program with significant revenue opportunity.
Newspaper NIE Program receives 50% of recycled value.
School receives 28% of funds generated by ASP/Newspaper partnership and local co-venture partners.
Schools receive additional funds generated by local businesses that sign up directly under ASP.
School shares in 55% of all statewide and national sponsorship/licensing programs directly created by ASP.

Contact: Donald Baird (800) 345-4025, ext. 712

Hundreds of schools, school districts and businesses are already on board, actively funding school programs such as music, drama and athletics, and also helping preserve the environment.

These include state restaurant associations, numerous state school board associations, hundreds of schools and businesses, utility companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

As a sample of the corporate and marketing partnerships, on Friday, Feb. 17th, CEOs of Wells Fargo Bank, Nevada State Bank and Nevada Power Company, as well as leaders from the Clark County School District (NV) recorded Public Service Announcements (radio and TV) challenging businesses and chambers to participate in the program. Similar partnerships are underway throughout the country.

Did You Know?

Over 300 million cartridges and over 55 million cell phones are thrown away each year.

Each laser toner cartridge recycled saves 3 quarts of oil that is required to produce a new cartridge.

Over 400,000,000 printer cartridges are sold in the U.S. every year and less than 20% of these are recycled.

Every cartridge that is discarded in our landfills takes over 1,000 years to decompose.

Every year inkjet and laser cartridges account for over 200 million pounds of solid waste to our nation's landfills.

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