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How much does it cost to participate?
The program is free. Via US Mail who delivers and picks up boxes for free. We provide you with a customized web page and other marketing material.

How much revenue can I expect?
The value depends on what is recycled. Qualified Inkjet cartridges are typically worth $0.50 to $2.00. Recent toners are worth up to $10 and cell phones are worth between $.25 and $9.00. In any case, a report on what each cartridge/phone you recycle is worth is available online. A typical box of cartridges is worth $10 to $50. A 20-30-person office can be expected to generate $100 worth of recycled product in a year.

How is the revenue distributed?
Your newspaper receives 50% of every dollar received from whatever is recycled through your local retail partner locations and businesses/individuals who recycle under your NIE Newspaper Recycling Campaign. ASP additionally donates another 28% to your local participating schools.

The remaining 22% in retained by ASP to run and administrate the entire recycling and re-sell program at zero to your newspaper, retail partners and your local schools.

Why is it that the value for the cartridges you pay is in some cases lower than those others pay?
This recycling program aims to make recycling very simple. We will accept everything and guarantee that nothing is thrown into landfills. Others, on the other hand, insist that you recycle only what is on their list and will deduct shipping costs if you send them an unqualified piece. We provide attractive recycling boxes and offer a strong-cause related opportunity to your members.

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