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The America's Schools Program is the fastest-growing revenue-generating program for chambers of commerce across the country. Your Chamber of Commerce can join this cost-free partnership to benefit your own projects.

By becoming an active partner in the America’s School program you and all the members of your chamber can actively generate funds for your chamber, help fund local K-12 education programs and help to preserve the environment.

There are a number of programs available to help you. The ASP National Benefit Card Program, the Inkjet/Toner Cartridge Recycling Program, Environmental Programs, College Planning 101, Retirement Planning 101, the SchoolHouse Coffee Program, and the Merchandise Program are just a few of our programs.

There are more than 100 chambers across the country that have partnered with ASP. Almost every day a new chamber joins in this exciting partnership. ASP has been showcased at several chamber events including WACE.

Here are two simple examples of how the ASP National Benefit Card program works. Click either of the links below and follow the link from the respective chamber’s homepage to the specific page from which their members can sign up:

"In the five months since we partnered with ASP, with very minor effort we have over 250 businesses locations that have signed up under our chamber to support this now statewide recycling effort in Nevada. We started receiving our royalty checks within two months of signing our first business partner. Our next goal is to sign at least 40% of our 1,200 membership base within the next six months."

Gayle Rogers,
Henderson Chamber of Commerce
(702) 565-8951


ASP presents $500.00 to Henderson Chamber of Commerce. Pictured left to right: Jan Spinato-ASP Nevada Representative, Dianna Fyke-Henderson Chamber of Commerce Board Member, Donald Baird - ASP Founder, and Alice Martz - CEO of Henderson Chamber of Commerce.

In addition, 15 state restaurant associations, numerous state school board associations, hundreds of schools and businesses have joined the program.

To further strengthen the program, CEOs of Wells Fargo Bank, Nevada State Bank and Nevada Power Company, as well as leaders from the Clark County School District (NV) taped public service announcements (radio and TV) calling on businesses and chambers of commerce and their members to participate in the program.

•  Cost-free program with significant revenue opportunity.
•  Chamber retains 50% of all dollars raised by any business, home or retail location that signs up under the chamber.
•  Chamber will not see or touch a recycling box placed at member site. FedEx will deliver and pick up for free from any participating recycling location.
•  Additionally, 28% of every dollar goes back directly to the local K-12 schools in your area.


Through ASPInkToner.Com, purchases of high-quality ink and toner cartridges for your printers will result in additional funds for your chamber and local schools. Through this program, you typically save 40 to 60% off retail prices.

In addition, 10 to 20% of the purchase price goes to fund chamber and school activities. For more information click on

SchoolHouse Gourmet Coffee is an online gourmet coffee source. $1.75 from each pound of coffee purchased goes to help local schools. For more information click on

As an added benefit to your chamber members and their families, ASPCollegePlanning101 offers seminars for college planning for high school-aged kids and their families. For more information, please click on

Did You Know?

Over 300 million cartridges and over 55 million cell phones are thrown away each year.

Each laser toner cartridge recycled saves 3 quarts of oil that is required to produce a new cartridge.

Over 400,000,000 printer cartridges are sold in the U.S. every year and less than 20% of these are recycled.

Every cartridge that is discarded in our landfills takes over 1,000 years to decompose.

Every year inkjet and laser cartridges account for over 200 million pounds of solid waste to our nation's landfills.

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