Newsflash: Plastics Recycling Jan. 17, 2009  
  ASP- Team Member Schools to share in revenue from all sales of Nevada based $33 Million Dollar Plastics Recycling Plant in 2009
Jet Global Plastic Recyclers USA has committed to investing well over USD$33 million in the most advanced co-mingled waste plastic recycling facility of its kind in the world. The clean non-polluting technology developed by Mr Philippe Julien is to be located in Nevada USA it is expected to be operational by year end 2009.

Dr. Shirley Thornton seen sitting on park bench at International Image Technology Council made completely from recycled plastics and used printer cartridges. Twelve percent (12%) of all products sold through this Nevada plant will go towards helping to fund ASP Team Member Schools.

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Mr. Darryl Norman (President Jet Global) states, "We are very excited about our opportunities in the USA and our commitments to not only ASP but to the creation of a sustainable culture for the future."

The end resolution is finally here!

Mountains of mixed plastic waste waiting to be recycled into useful, long life products by Global Plastics Recyclers
(USA) Pty Ltd. Plant scheduled to be built in Nevada in 2009. This will be the largest plant of its type in the world!

Environmental Protection is an international political issue with an increasingly complex legislative process demanding the progressive elimination or reduction of pollution and waste and the preservation of natural resources. Similarly, the disposal of plastic waste is an increasingly difficult challenge.

ASP’s exclusive American licensing agreement with Jet Global USA combines a series of patented processes and technologies designed to facilitate the acceptance and recycling of any grade or combination of plastic types, without the need to wash or sort apart from rigid and soft plastic types. The disposal of plastic waste is an increasingly difficult challenge in the United States with over 60% of the world’s plastics manufactured here in the United States alone.

Additionally, the United States accounts for 50% of the world’s used printer cartridge waste with over 350 million printer cartridges trashed into our landfills or shipped to third world countries’/villages’ by U.S. brand name manufactures and retailers. Dumping of all this waste product in third world countries has become common practice by US manufactures and retailers.

The above combination of plastics can be processed straight from the landfill waste collectors, generally unwashed and unsorted. This exclusive process will accept contaminated waste plastic including paper, labels, aluminum caps and other usual post consumer waste products such as PVC, polystyrene films and plastic shopping bags.

See 2002 International Image Technology article by Tricia Judge of U.S. dumping of E-Waste and used printer cartridges at:
Mr. Stewart Norton, Vice President of Jet Global Plastics, states, the direct transformation of waste plastics without the need to wash or sort apart from rigid and soft into quality end products not only saves the environment but provides a range of products that can be safely used where usually chemically treated products can have a harmful effect on children. The use of Jet Global’s product range will replace traditional materials with a cost effective 100% recycled product which is safe for use in schools, parks, and many other locations. Part of our range includes bollards, seats, benches, pallets, decking and a full range of 100% recycled signs. The use of our materials benefits are evident by its composition. Our products are rot resistant and exceed life cycles experienced with the use of traditional hard woods or timber. The education of children at schools on recycling is a regular feature of Jet-Global’s commitment for our facility in Nevada.

Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt."

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