Newsflash: ASP Environmental Essay Winner Newsletter - July - 2009  
Nevada's 2008-09 ASP-Environmental School Essay Contest a Complete Success!

Prior to her departure to South Africa, Kayla Cothrun read her "Winning Essay" to Clark County School District Board of Directors and other school officials in Las Vegas, Nevada.

And The Winners Are (L-R)
Third place winner, Kabir Suri, first place winner Kayla Cothrun, and second place winner, Calli Nielsen.
Jan Spinato, ASP, presents award of excellence to Carrie Flemming, Kayla's teacher at Foothill High School.
David Dahan, Don Baird, Kabir Suri, Gayle Rogers, Barbara Wiseman, Kayla Cothrun, Eva White, Calli Nielsen, Judy Myers, representing Henderson Chamber of Commerce, America's Schools Program, The Earth Org., Clark 2008-2009 ASP-Environmental School Essay.
Media Campaign Begins For ASP-Environmental Youth Ambassador
Since Kayla's return from South Africa, she has already begun her duties as America's Schools Environmental Youth Ambassador. On Wednesday, July 8th, Kayla spoke with a variety of newspapers, magazine reporters and met with the two major radio broadcast companies in the Laughlin/Bullhead City area. She was also introduced to staff at both Laughlin and Bullhead Area Chambers of Commerce. They talked about the potential of developing a

Kayla Cothrun - Twin City Environmental Day,
before year's end. This special day would promote a public clean up of the freeway and river areas connecting both cities.
Rosemary Michaels and Kayla Cothrun, taping a radio interview at Cameron Broadcasting, that will air this week on a variety of radio stations as a News Update information piece.
Kayla Cothrun doing an interview for both the Laughlin Bee Newspaper and the Economic Development Journal of Mohave, Valley with Publisher Thom Graham.

Approximately 400 High School Students made it into the final selection process in 2008-09 ASP- Environmental School Essay Contest.

On April 1, 2009 in Henderson, Nevada, the three winners of our Environmental School Essay Contest were announced and celebrated! (The top ten finalists went through a personal interview process. The winner was selected from approximately 400 entries.)

The contest was sponsored by The Earth Organization, the Americas Schools Program, Clark County School District, and the Henderson Chamber of Commerce. The topic of the essay was: Why Should We Protect Animals and Our Natural Resources?

All three winners received beautiful jackets and plaques from the America's Schools Program, and certificates of commendation from the Henderson Chamber of Commerce.

The Earth Organization gave each of the winners a personally autographed copy of Lawrence Anthony's book: Babylonís Ark (the Incredible war-time rescue of the Baghdad Zoo), as well as a $500 check to the 2nd place winner, Calli Nielsen, and a $300 check to the 3rd place winner, Kabir Suri.

The grand prize winner, Kayla Cothrun, went on a spectacular, week-long Eco Safari Adventure, with her mother, to Lawrence Anthonyís game preserve in South Africa! She spent 5 days at Thula-Thula private game preserve in June. Kayla had the time of her life. She enjoyed luxurious accommodations, daily game drives and bush walks. She met with local Zulu students and learned about what The Earth Organization is doing to resolve the problems of endangered species. Kayla returns home to assume the role of Americaís Schools Environmental Youth Ambassador for the next year.

Kayla's sponsoring teacher, Ms. Carrie Flemming, also received a $500 check from The Earth Organization for her support and work with her students.

Although several of the schools in Clark County School District participated in the essay contest, all 3 top winners came from Foothill High School. Our congratulations to Foothill High School! They are, obviously, doing a great job with their students!

We are very proud of everyone that participated in the contest and once again send our congratulations to Kayla, Calli and Kabir!

Kayla Cothrun, Anthony and Esther Cothrun seen here in June of 2009 at Thula-Thula Game Reserve in South Africa.

Esther, Zulu Tribe Witchdoctor and Kayla Cothrun seen here on Zulu Tribal lands.

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Lawrence Anthony, world renowned environmentalist and conservationist speaks to the Henderson Chamber of Commerce (left) and to a large school (right) in the
Clark County School District.

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