Newsflash: ASP National Benefit Card  
  Henderson Chamber Board of Directors Voted Unanimously To Embrace ASP-National Benefit Card Program as a co-venture!

Henderson Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

Alice Martz: Henderson Chamber of Commerce -
"The Henderson Chamber Board of Directors unanimously approved the ASP National Benefit Card Program co-venture as a value add to our membership, community and new funding source for our local schools.

In these harsh economic times we are excited to be one of the first Chambers to help pave the way in this exciting and exploding new industry."

ASP-National Benefit Card Program has arrived!

America's Schools Program (ASP) has partnered with Access One Consumer Health to create a single, “Nationally” recognized, Benefit Card Program for America’s K-12 schools. ASP member Schools and member Chambers of Commerce now have the opportunity to create a value add for their members while helping to fund America's K-12 schools.

Randy Robison, Past Executive Director Nevada Association of School Boards, excerpt from Letter to HCC Board of Directors-

Although the ASP National Benefit Card will include a wide variety of health benefit discounts the card will be used primarily for all of the other benefits beyond health services - such as grocery, gas, entertainment, shopping, and other "lifestyle" benefits. This is why I believe ASP's card will be so mutually beneficial to consumers, their families and their schools.

The ASP card has so many benefits for so many services, products, and activities in one convenient, easy to use card. This one card makes it easy and convenient to save money for yourself, your family, and your employees all while creating a significant new revenue source for public schools.

In short, we believe the ASP National Benefit Card is a game-changer!

Thanks again for all your support of the America's Schools Program and its mission.


The Henderson Chamber of Commerce, through their due-diligence, has paved the way for other Chambers of Commerce to co-venture the ASP National Benefit Card.

To Learn more about Henderson Chamber of Commerce go to: or call them at: (702) 565-8951.
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