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  Nevada PTA and ASP Participate in Nevada Association of School Administrators Conference

Lenny De Forge of the Nevada PTA (left) with Dr. Thursenia Dehart-Porter, Assistant Principal at Harney Middle School, Las Vegas and Dr. Thornton of ASP.

Las Vegas: NPTA and ASP introduced the numerous programs now being deployed by Nevada PTA to directly benefit school employees, students and families in Nevada.

ASP featured its newest partner - Life of South West (LSW) at the event.

Participation in this event is a precursor to regional and school based events ASP is coordinating to gain wider adoption at the grass roots level.

  Plan 4 College, Joins ASP to help support State and local PTA’s

The ASP team and Nevada PTA are both really excited about our co-venture partnership with Plan4 College that directly benefits NVPTA, families and their children in Nevada.

Las Vegas: Nevada PTA has taken a bold new approach to helping families in Nevada help realize their dreams of College for their children through the “Official College Planning 101 Worshops” recently launched in partnership with Plan 4 College and Clark County School District.

To find out more about Plan 4College,please visit: www.plan4college.com. To find out more about the "College Planning 101" series, please visit

  Kentucky PTA Meets with ASP

Dr. Thornton with Rose Babiak, President of Kentucky PTA

Louisville, KY: Dr. Shirley Thornton met with President of Kentucky PTA and introduced ASP/PTA Revenue Opportunities now being developed with Nevada PTA.

To find out more about Nevada PTA and ASP Schools Revenue opportunities, please visit: www.nevadapta.org or www.americas-schools.org/partnerships/schools.

ASP is working with other State PTA's and educational organizations in the US.

New Licensee/Partners  

  Life of Southwest (LSW) Joins the America's Schools Program as the Official "Retirement Planning" partner of America's Schools.

Los Angeles, CA: Billion dollar Texas based Life Insurance Company of the Southwest (LSW) has become the “Official Retirement Planning Partner of Nevada Schools” under the ASP /Nevada PTA partnership program to support all school employees and families in Nevada. LSW focuses on retirement planning in the 403-b market (the 401K type programs for non-profits and education).

To find out about LSW and the "Retirement Planning 101 " series of seminars, please visit:

ASP Featured at the National Women Legislator's Conference  

  Dr. Thornton, ASP - Key Note speaker at NFWL Conference

Dr. Shirley Thornton seen here with Valerie Weber Nevada State Assembly woman, Clark County District 5

Congressman Jessie Jackson Jr, Second District Illinios

Louisville, KY: Dr. Shirley Thornton was one of the keynote speakers at the National Foundation for Women Legislators Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, where she addresses the nation’s women legislators at the general assembly on ASP’s work in developing a national template through Nevada partnership programs.

For more information about the National Foundation For Women Legislators (NFWL), please visit: http://www.womenlegislators.org/

  ASP Introduces Nevada PTA/YFHR School Campaign at National Legislative Conference.

Nevada PTA –Youth For Human Rights School Campaign had center stage at National Convention in Kentucky. Several videos were shown including ones in Spanish and ones featuring Major League Soccer players, such as Landon Donavan and Freddie Adu.

The Nevada PTA is leading the nation in education of human rights.

For more information visit:

Rep. Juanita Head Walton, MO (right)
Rep. Rosita Youngblood, PAm President Elect, NFWL (left)
Legislators were introduced to the Human Rights videos and the curriculum. The curriculum is being launched in Nevada through the PTA and the School Boards.

  ASP-NFWL Branded Clothing - A hit at NFWL Conference
ASP-NFWL branded polos and a variety of jackets were available.

ASP sponsored the official clothing for the staff at the conference.
  To order NFWL clothing or to see the ASP Merchandising in action, please visit: www.k12webstore.com/nfwl  
ASP: National News  

  ASP Launches New Web Site

ASP has introduced a new redesigned consumer-friendly website, that enables each partner easy access to areas of interest such as Chambers of Commerce, City/Daily Newspapers, Schools and State PTA’s, along with non-profits and businesses interested in separating themselves from their competitors.

Please visit our new and improved Website at:

  ASP Introduced to Greater Louiseville Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Thornton with Becky Ruby of the Greater Louisville Chamber

Dr. Thornton introduced ASP Chamber partnership to Greater Louisville Chamber during her trip to Kentucky.

To find out more about how your Chamber can generate revenues for your Chamber and local schools while helping to save the environment, please visit:

  Los Angeles- Celebrity Gala celebrates Youth for Human Rights successes here in the US and internationally

(L-R) Mr. and Mrs. John Paul Collin, Kate Ceberano, Don Baird and Mr. and Mrs. Rod Dixon New Zealand four time Olympian and Medalist seen above.

ASP is proud to be a co-venture partner with Youth for Human Rights to help educate America’s youth on the Declaration of Human Rights established by Elinor Roosevelt in 1946.

Thanks to LSW these educational tools are currently being distributed “free of charge” to all Nevada’s K-12 schools across the state.

To find out more about ASP/YFHR Program, please visit: www.americas-schools.org/partnerships/youthforhumanrights/

Kate Ceberano is one of Australian legendary singers who recently proved herself multi talented when she won Australia's Dancing with the Stars, with her partner John Paul Collins in front of over 2.5 million Aussie spectators.

For more about Kate Ceberano's amazing talent Click here: http://www.kateceberano.com/

  Reno Gazette Journal Newspaper sets National Standard with Nevada PTA, Wells Fargo Bank, Nevada School Boards and Nevada State Bank

Leading the nation’s Daily/City Newspapers on a creative new way to help fund Newspapers in Education (NIE) Programs, while generation new revenue for the newspaper, and local K-12 schools, and while helping to save the environment. All this at zero cost to each participant.

A true Win, Win! No loose proposition.

In Northern Nevada, ASP orchestrated a partnership between the Reno Gazette Journal, Wells Fargo Bank and Nevada State Bank for this purpose. To find out more about Nevada PTA and ASP Schools Revenue opportunities, please visit:


Featured Programs  
  SchoolHouse Gourmet Coffee is an "Official Revenue Generator for America’s Schools"

SchoolHouse Gourmet Coffee, an official partner of ASP, was featured at NFWL Conference with an over whelming response. You can now enjoyed this freshly roasted coffee, while genenerating $1.75 from each pound of coffee, that goes back to help our nation’s State PTA’s, or local schools.

For more Information about SchoolHouse Coffee, to order, or to find out how you can use this program to generate funds for the local PTA, click on this hyperlink: www.schoolhousecoffee.com

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- Christian Nevell Bovee

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