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Chamber of Commerce News  

  2008 Henderson Chamber of Commerce Environmental Safari- Huge Success!

Tree planting ceremony at local Zulu school: (left to right) Eva White Assistant Superintendent East Region, Clark County School District; Buchanana School Principal; David Dahan, President Henderson Chamber; Alice Martz, CEO Henderson Chamber; Barbara Wiseman, President, The Earth Organization.

The Environmental Educational Safari, which was conceived by the America's Schools Program and sponsored by the Henderson Chamber of Commerce and The Earth Organization, arranged for 20 key business and civic leaders to travel to the extraordinary private game reserve of world-renowned conservationist, Lawrence Anthony in South Africa. The purpose was to raise awareness of environmental and conservation solutions in which we can all participate. The trip was fantastically successful and created alliances with business leaders and CCSD executives which will help to forward our important educational and fund-raising campaigns for K-12 schools.

Safari guests were treated to daily close encounters with the local wildlife - elephants, giraffes, rhino, wildebeests, monkeys, impala, to name a few. Through seminars, they learned about environmental solutions that they could individually implement to create a better world.

While there, they learned about environmental solutions that they could individually implement to create a better world. While there, the chamber adopted a local Zulu school and, working together with Eva White, the Asst. Superintendent for the Eastern Region of Clark County School District, set up a sister school relationship with two schools in the Henderson area. With nightly entertainment by Zulu choirs and dancers around the campfire, it all made for memories that will last a lifetime. Here are some of the rave reviews:

"It more than met my expectations!... It is wonderful what Lawrence Anthony has done with the animals…The whole trip made us take a ‘thinking step’ and put some other things in place. When we returned, the first thing the Chamber did was to start recycling our plastic bottles; and we are putting information out to our members to recycle...” - Alice Martz, CEO, Henderson Chamber of Commerce.

"It was an incredible experience to learn about the significant efforts The Earth Organization is involved in to preserve our plant and animal kingdom, and how these efforts relate back to what we do on a day-to-day basis as business leaders.” President & CEO of St Rose Dominican Hospitals, Las Vegas, NV

To learn more about Henderson Chamber of Commerce go to: www.hendersonchamber.com

To find out more about Thula-Thula and to view a video please visit: www.americas-schools.org/partnerships/partners/thulathula.php. To see a fascinating video about Mr. Anthony, his amazing rescue of the animals in the Baghdad Zoo, and his extraordinary relationship with elephants,scroll down on the left side and select "Lawrence Anthony and the Thula Thula Game Reserve."

PTA and School News  

  ASP is Featured front and center at the 2008 Nevada PTA Convention!

The Nevada PTA featured the ASP partnership as a strategic venture. ASP has garnered the support from all levels of the PTA, from the President to the executive team to the local PTA members.

All ASP Programs including the Recycling Program, ASPInktoner, SchoolHouse Coffee, ASPCollegePlanning101, and ASPRetirementPlanning101 were featured. ASP's Human Rights and Environmental initiatives were also featured.

Moises Denis, Nevada PTA President here speaking with Convention Exhibitors and attendees.

To learn more about the Nevada PTA, please visit: www.nevadapta.org and to see how your school/organization can join to benefit the Nevada PTA, please visit: www.americas-schools.org/schools/nv-nvpta

  LSW Introduced to PTA Coordinators by Lenny De Forge of NV-PTA

Jerry LeClair, Rob Purdie, Pat Snyder, with Rose Warren Elementary PTA representatives

LSW, the Official ASP-Retirement Planning Partner for school employees. and ASP seen here conducting “Q&A” with Nevada PTA Area Coordinators. These coordinators work directly with the 26,000 PTA members statewide in Nevada.

To find out more about LSW and the RetirementPlanning101 program please visit: www.americas-schools.org/programs/retirementplanning101/

  Plan4College Introduces CollegePlanning101 Series of Workshops

Shamren Fletcher leading a workshop at Nevada PTA Convention.

Shamren Fletcher, CEO of Plan4College and their team introduced the workshops. These workshops are being conducted at various school locations on a region by region basis throughout Nevada.

To learn more about Plan4College and the ASP CollegePlanning101 program, please visit:


  ASP and PTA Team Speaks to PTA Area Coordinators

Dr. Shirley Thornton speaking with Nevada PTA Convention attendees on ASP direct benefits to local School PTA’s

ASP/PTA Team speaks to PTA Area Coordinators
on ASP/PTA School Site Presentation Campaign across all of Clark County School District

In collaboration with Nevada PTA, the ASP Team has established a school specific employee presentation campaign to help educate the entire Clark County School District employee base on the ASP mission to develop a single collective sales and marketing program, under a unified brand, to financially benefit all K-12 schools in Nevada, beginning with CCSD.

To visually see examples how your school can become an ASP Team Member school and begin taking advantage of the ASP programs, please visit web sites of Chaparral High School and Kay Carl Elementary School below:


  ASP delivers Key Note speech at Henderson Rotary Club Luncheon.

Don Baird, ASP, addressing the Rotary meeting

ASP was invited to speak at a special Rotary (Henderson) Club meeting by Gayle Rogers and Alice Martz of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce. Members of the Clark County School District were also present at the event.

To find out how additional chambers or businesses can sign up to the recycling program, please visit:



Partner News  

  The International Imaging Technology Council Board of Directors approves Co-Venture with America’s Schools Program

From Left: Tricia Judge- International Imaging Technology Council CEO and Barbara Wiseman, President of The Earth Organization.

The International Imaging Technology Council joins The Earth Organization and ASP in a joint effort to help expose the recycling fraud and environmental atrocities in the US inkjet and laser toner cartridge industry, and to help protect and educate consumers of the environmental impact of not properly recycling these items. Through the efforts of ASP, these activities will also result in one more avenue to help fund our schools.

To learn more about The Earth Organization visit  http://www.earthorganization.org and about The International Imaging Technology Council, please visit: http://www.i-itc.org/

  Reno Gazette Journal Newspaper Continues in Support of Nevada’s Schools and the Environment

L-R Ann Petrik RGJN, Tami Berg NVPTA, Dr.Shirley
Thornton and Liz Hill who is Circulation Sales Manager and is in charge of the Literacy
in the Classroom Program

The Reno Gazette Journal Newspaper continues their commitment to our schools and the environment through placement of ¼ and ½ page advertisements each week in the newspaper. With 50% of all revenues supporting Journal's NIE Program. Nevada State Bank and Wells Fargo Bank continue to provide retail support as collection points in the Reno-Sparks area, in support of the RGS's Readers in Education program.

To see Reno Gazette Newspaper :30 sec’ television commercial click on this hyperlink: www.americas-schools.org/media/asp-recycle-rgj.wmv

To directly support RGJ of NIE Program through recycling click here to sign up: www.americas-schools.org/partners/rgj

  Nevada PTA and ASP working together on Northern Nevada Media Campaign

Tami Berg NVPTA, seen above meeting with Bruce Leckband of
ABC Television Affiliate KOLO- Channel 8 Reno

Tami Berg of the Northern Nevada PTA and Dr. Shirley Thornton of ASP teamed up to meet with all Reno/Sparks area television stations to put co-venture recycling :30Sec' Public Service Announcements (PSA's) into their media PSA rotation.

Dr Shirley Thornton and Tray Abney of Reno Chamber of Commerce
Sharon Holland- Wells Fargo Bank, Nevada Community Relations and Tami Berg of Nevada PTA

To see Reno Gazette Newspaper :30 sec’ television commercial sample click on this hyperlink: www.americas-schools.org/media/asp-recycle-rgj.wmv

  SchoolHouse Gourmet Coffee featured at Nevada PTA convention

SchoolHouse Gourmet Coffee, an official partner of ASP, was featured at the 2008 Nevada PTA Convention Conference with an over whelming response. You can now enjoy this freshly roasted coffee, while genenerating $1.75 from each pound of coffee, that goes back to help State PTA’s, or local schools.

For more Information about SchoolHouse Coffee, to order, or to find out how you can use this program to generate funds for the local PTA, please visit: www.schoolhousecoffee.com

  ASPInktoner: Factory Direct Consumer Printer Cartridge
web site

ASP Launches Factory Direct Consumer Printer Cartridge web site to Help fund our schools.

ASP Provides up to 60% of profit on printer cartridge sales back to our nation's K-12 schools at 30-40% less than retail pricing to consumers.

To find out more or place an order today, please visit: www.aspinktoner.com

Call Rita Today at Customer Service and Place Your Order at (800) 345-4025 Ext. 6

Being motivated and motivating others are two different things"

- Vijay Kotrappa, America's Schools Program

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