eNewsLetter May 22, 2007  
 Nevada PTA Conference and Legislative intro launch a huge success!  

  Introduction of America's Schools Program (ASP)-Youth For Human Rights International (YHRI) campaign into Nevada’s K-12 schools

(L-R) Dr. Thornton of ASP, Moises Denis incoming Nevada PTA President, Anna Weselak National PTA President, Robin Munier Nevada PTA President, and Mary Shuttleworth, President of YHRI

Reno, NV - The Nevada PTA, led by its President, Robin Munier, and staff leaders including Lenny De Forge and Allison Turner, pulled out all the stops in introducing ASP and its programs to the conference attendees. This included the introduction of the newest ASP partner – Youth For Human Rights International represented by their President, Mary Shuttleworth.

For more Information on the Nevada PTA, click on this hyperlink:


  America's Schools Program (ASP) introduced to Nevada’s Attorney General

Nevada’s Attorney General (second from left) with ASP Team Members and Alison Turner (left) of Nevada PTA

Carson City , NV – ASP and YHRI discussed PTA school campaign with Attorney General Catherine Cortez Mastro, who has her own task force working to develop programs at the local school level to address school gangs, discrimination and bullying, etc. in schools.

To view a few of the 30 Human Rights videos which have been co-sponsored by the Nevada PTA and Nevada School Boards, please click on the links below:

Right to an Education
Freedom of Thought
No Discrimination
Innocent Until Proven Guilty
Right to Privacy

To view all the spots, please visit:

  Nevada’s First Lady offers her support for the Nevada PTA Human Rights School Campaign introduced by ASP Team
Nevada’s First Lady (second from right) learns of the ASP mission and YHRI program launch for all of Nevada’s schools

Carson City , NV - ASP, Nevada PTA and YHRI Executives take time out at the Governor's Mansion in in Carson City for a group photo with Nevada’s First Lady.

Photo: (L-R) Don Baird and Vijay Kotrappa of ASP, Robin Munier, PTA President, Dr.Shirley Thornton, First Lady, and Mary Shuttleworth of YHRI.

For more information about Youth For Human Rights International, please visit the website at: www.youthforhumanrights.org

Dr. Shirley Thornton - Keynote speaker at the PTA Conference  

  America’s School's National Director Sets the Tone at the PTA Conference.
Dr. Shirley Thornton of ASP was the Keynote Speaker at general assembly Dr. Thornton’s topic was "Parents and their collective consumer power".

Reno, NV - At the Nevada PTA State Conference in Reno, Nevada, those in the State who did not know Dr. Thornton gained an entirely new appreciation for both the ASP mission and the executive staff who run and administrate this revenue-generating program for Nevada-PTA /K-12 schools. Dr. Thornton’s topic was about parents and their collective consumer power.

Dr. Thornton, past Deputy Superintendent of California schools and retired US Colonel, has received numerous awards. Most recently, she was recognized as an Honoree at the 2nd Annual National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc at their San Francisco Chapter’s “Bridging the Generations” Golden Girls Hats & Gloves event.

ASP Programs and Partners On Stage  

  A Photo is Worth a Thousand Words!
Conference attendees with their NVPTA/ASP bags and YHRI DVD’s.

Reno, NV - All conference attendees were given both Nevada PTA/ASP branded conference bags, along with Video CD’s containing 5 Human Rights clips. The full 30 video clips created by YHRI based on the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights will be distributed by the Nevada PTA to all 25,034 PTA members for viewing by all of Nevada’s school students and employees.

  SchoolHouse Gourmet Coffee, ASP Recycling Program, ASPInkToner.Com
ASP Programs including the ASP Recycling Program, SchoolHouse Gourmet Coffee, and ASPInkToner revenue programs, were introduced at the Nevada PTA Conference in Reno during this year's State Conference. The SchoolHouse coffee sampling is always a big hit with attendees at any event.

REMEMBER $1.75 on every pound of coffee that sells goes back to help local schools.

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(800) 345-4025, ext. 3.

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