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Chamber of Commerce News  

  Henderson Chamber Safari 2008

Henderson Chamber Safari Poster developed to promote Safari opportunity to Henderson Chamber members and schools for the 2008-09 school year.

Don Baird, Gayle Rogers, Barbara Wiseman US President of the Earth Organization, David Dahan HCC Board President, Alice Martz HCC and Joava Good, Tourist Travel Specialist from Salt Lake City

HCC and ASP in Partnership with Earth Organization will be launching an Environmental and Wildlife Campaign for 2008-09 school year

Henderson Chamber takes a leadership role in educating both businesses and our schools on the need to protect our environment and the world’s wildlife. As part of this effort 20 key individuals, hand chosen by Henderson CC will be going to Thula Thula Game Reserve in South Africa to learn from Lawrence Anthony and thereby becoming Environmental Ambassadors to Henderson community and schools. A School Environmental Essay Competition is to be announced featuring a special Travel package that will be provided for several winners to travel to South Africa. The competition will culminate at a Henderson Chamber Celebrity Dinner Event.

The event will host Lawrence Anthony at a book signing and feature an exciting round trip give-away for 3 lucky couples to Lawrences’s Thula Thula Game Reserve in South Africa in 2009.

To find out about Earth Organization visit: www.earthorganization.org 

  Henderson Chamber Presents Recycling Royalty check for $691.00 to local school.

L-R Alice Martz, Henderson Chamber Executive, Don Baird and Robert Taylor Elementary School Principal Janet Dobry.

Henderson, NV: The Henderson Chamber and ASP present 28% of dollars collected via HCC Business recycling partners to Robert Taylor Elementary in Henderson at an HCC Luncheon. Robert Taylor was the only school recycling in Henderson at the time. Fifty percent of every dollar raised went to the Henderson Educational Foundation.

Henderson CC was the first Chamber in the nation to join the ASP recycling Program. To learn more about Henderson, Nevada and the HCC visit: www.Hendersonchamber.com

  Henderson Paper covers Henderson Chamber

Newspaper Article featuring Henderson Chamber and ASP

Henderson, NV: Henderson Newspaper gives ASP /Henderson Chamber Recycling Program great coverage of the Henderson Teachers Luncheon. More than 300 attended the event, including District teachers and administrators of the South East Region of Clark County School District.

The Henderson Chamber of Commerce has been instrumental in promoting the program in the local newspapers and other media outlets.

School, PTA, District News  

  Logendale/Overton, Nevada.
L-R Shamren Fletcher President P4C, Don Baird, Charity Dalkhe Logendale/Overton-PTA and Gerry Alexander from P4C team

Video PSA
Radio PSA

Plan 4 College, proves it works time and time again, with a better than 52% joining rate on anyone who attends a “free” ASP/Nevada PTA- College Planning 101 Workshop

Nevada PTA has taken a bold new approach to help families in Nevada realize their dreams of college for their children through the “Official College Planning 101 Workshops” that were recently launched in partnership with Plan 4 College and Clark County School District.

To find out more about Plan 4 College, please visit: www.americas-schools.org/programs/collegeplanning101

Several TV and Radio Public Service Announcements have been produced and are currently playing in Nevada. Please click on the links along side to see/hear these PSA's.

  College Planning 101 Workshops in various schools
Shamren Fletcher, CEO of P4C presents to over 60 students.
ASP and P4C is seen meeting with Kay Carl PTA members Susan Reimers and Shellie Gutierrez, both on right in pink.

  Reno, Nevada - Public Service Announcements and Newspaper in Education funding partnership

Mo Denis, President Nevada PTA seen here with Andrew Johnson of Imed Production on PSA shoot location in Reno

Nevada- PTA President to be featured in a variety of ASP/Nevada-PTA Television Public Service Announcements

Las Vegas, NV
: Mo Denis seen here in process of a taping a variety of Public Service Announcements promoting Nevada PTA. Simultaneously, Dr. Shirley Thornton produced a number of Nevada specific and national television and radio spots for national distribution in 2008.

For more information about Nevada PTA go to www.nevadapta.org/

Above Bob Boisson of the Reno-GJ Newspaper and Shirley Thornton pose for a quick

Video View RGJ-WellsFargo-Nevada State Bank PSA

Dr. Shirley Thornton visits with the Reno Gazette Journal Newspaper on their "Newspaper in Education" funding partnership

Reno, NV:
The Reno Gazette Journal - ASP partnership continues to flourish. The partnership includes Wells Fargo Bank and Nevada State Bank branches in Northern Nevada. Ads promoting environmental awareness through recycling of ink-toner cartridges run regularly in the Reno Gazette Journal. Bob Boisson, the publisher of the RGJ is a passionate advocate for the cause.

To find out more about the Reno Gazette Journal Newspaper Recycling Partnership go to the below website and sign up. www.rgj.com

  Nevada PTA and ASP launch strategic Action Plan at East Region Principals meeting

Las Vegas, NV: The object of the plan is to introduce ASP school revenue program opportunities to all 35,000 Clark County school employees in the first 3-4 months of 2008. Nevada - PTA and ASP Team Members addressed the Clark county East Region Principals meeting.

Seen along side is Lenny De Forge, executive of the Nevada PTA addressing the group.

  ASP - Youth For Human Rights Campaign Working with Nevada Attorney General

Las Vegas, NV: ASP and Youth For Human Rights have been launching a Human Rights Awareness Campaign throughout the state of Nevada in partnership with the Nevada PTA and Clark County School District.

A special curriculum has been designed for K-12 schools in conjunction with the award winning videos. School administrators and PTA members are enthusiastically adopting the program.

From L-R are Verda Hines, Nevada PTA, Robin Munier - Senator Tarkanian's office, Michelle Seward US President YFHR, Assemblyman David Parks, and Nicole Moon of the Public Information Office for Nevada's Attorney General.

From far L-R Nevada's Attorney General and Michelle Seward of YFHR (with back to camera). Speaking with the "Teaching Tolerance Task Force" Committee members in Las Vegas.
Click here to view
one of the Award winning videos.
  SchoolHouse Gourmet Coffee is an "Official Revenue Generator for America’s Schools"

SchoolHouse Gourmet Coffee, an official partner of ASP, was featured at NFWL Conference with an over whelming response. You can now enjoy this freshly roasted coffee, while genenerating $1.75 from each pound of coffee, that goes back to help State PTA’s, or local schools.

For more Information about SchoolHouse Coffee, to order, or to find out how you can use this program to generate funds for the local PTA, please visit: www.schoolhousecoffee.com

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- Bill Gates, Microsoft Co-Founder

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