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Benefits to Partners and Schools
Through a single recognized "cause-related" nationally branded program the general public/consumers, such as parents, students and school employees nationwide, will be able instantly recognized these specific "officially licensed" products and services that are helping to fund our nation's K-12 school activity programs, such as music, sports, dance and the arts. Both product companies and school programs alike benefit directly through increased sales and market share to benefit both educational funding and the individual consumer product companies who partner with the nation's school family representing over 100 million school students, employees, administrators, PTA members and families of our school children across the country.

Simultaneously, these exclusive/official consumer product and service companies gain by separating their branded "product or service" from their competitors as the exclusive category partner of America's schools.

Through this single program over 100 million people can make a financial contribution through their everyday consumer shopping by exclusively purchasing the ASP "officially branded products" at the cash register.

Research shows us that 76% of all retail consumers/ general public will purchase an individual "product or service" over a competitive brand, if that product is associated with a cause they can relate to, providing quality and price are equal.

These "official product and service" providers are being directly supported by third largest employee base in the United States, the 10 million school employees and over 6 million active PTA members across the country. The average teacher spends in excess of $950 out of their own pocket in teaching aids for their students.

Over 55% of all K-12 school activity programs are funded through local school PTAs and booster clubs across the country.

The establishment of a single recognized "cause-related/branded program" allows consumers to choose specific products and services that are directly benefiting the single largest recognized cause in the United States.

Last year over 1.2 billion spectators paid to attend high school sports and activities, making high school spectatorship three times larger than all professional sports combined, including; major league football, major league soccer, major league baseball and basketball combined.

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